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Asphalt road roller with heavy vibration roller compactor press new hot asphalt on the roa


Customer Reviews

"We hired Tyler to pave and lay down patio blocks. We are so pleased with the outcome of his hard work. He was on time, diligent, and truly cared about the job as if he was doing it for himself. He never rushed and every step was done with the precision. I highly recommend Tyler. He works with ambition and passion, and that is a rare thing to find when hiring someone." 

"I needed a small excavation job, Estimated bid, A family friend recommended Taylor Favreau, he’s young but I considered giving him a chance since he was referred he was on time very well received very well spoken very informative, And talked me through the process and gave me approximate cost labor, Appreciated his vibrant spirit hard-working persona, An he very happy to do the job An very thankful, I would highly recommend him." 

"I was in need of an expansion on my driveway for extra parking. We are so glad that we hired Tyler for the job. He and his crew were very professional and talented. The preparation was amazing and very satisfactory. Within two days my driveway was completed. We are very happy with the job."

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